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Keep Architecture is a UK architecture practice who believe in the statement ‘people will one day associate good architecture with an economy of means’

We consider that elevated property prices can encourage exclusivity and flamboyance and as a result it is easy for architects to prepare flashy and impressive solutions when the client has lots of money to spend. This approach is ultimately irresponsible, unfair and unsustainable for all project stakeholders including clients, communities, wider society and the environment. This approach does not result in better solutions for clients or indeed does it produce improved buildings. We believe spending more money does not create better architecture.

At Keep our design approach is driven by a responsible strategy that is appropriate in a world with very limited and precious resources and complex social and economic challenges. We consider that better architecture comes from an understanding of clients needs, project drivers, resourcefulness, robustness, simplicity, frugality and appropriateness.

What we do...

At Keep we believe that our solutions must be valuable and beautiful. To achieve this we reinforce our unique ability to successfully balance project value and vision.

We endeavour to add value to each specific task we undertake by listening to and delivering client and stakeholder needs, resolving complex and challenging projects and constraints, increasing project density, designing efficient, logical and flexible buildings, whilst understanding and responding to the wider social, legislative, environmental and economic backdrop. We endeavour to adopt this approach at every stage of a project.

We create attractive and engaging designs that have a strong and identifiable narrative that are elegant, yet realistic and deliverable. We do this by ensuring a strong and easily identifiable project vision is created for each project. This might be a design concept, a community led requirement, the need to provide a 'sense of place' or an important financial or technical project driver. Having a strong vision for a project ensures stakeholder support.

We reinforce the value and vision drivers of each project by ensuring strong and clear lines of communication, engagement and consultation at all levels throughout the design process. We recruit the best designers and technical staff and direct resources, promote debate and manage change (no matter how painful) effectively.

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01225 583203 / 0117 325 0359

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